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SkyPostal Inc. helps non-U.S. residents shop on U.S. merchant websites by providing customers with a U.S. address and offering affordable international delivery.

Investment Date

May 17, 2010; May 19, 2011

Type of Investment

Senior Convertible Debt

Board Representation

Board Control

Funding Need

Build and expand SkyPostal's PuntoMio U.S. address business.

Investment Overview

◉ Market Need: 90% of U.S. online merchants do not ship to Latin America, one of the world’s fastest-growing regions.

◉ Product Viability: Management’s prior business, SkyBox, successful; SkyPostal Inc. already a $10M/year business.

Investment Highlights

◉ Experienced management

◉ AJ and Albert Hernandez pioneered this business model, selling their previous company, SkyBox, to Lan Chile Airlines in 2004

◉ Proven business model

◉ Growth from 4,000 to 29,000 box holders in one year

◉ Mitigated risk

◉ Customs licenses; established delivery network

◉ Board Control

◉ Multiple Exits

◉ Sell to large strategic buyer

◉ Existing public market: convert debt, sell stock

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