Pick and choose the right investment opportunity for your portfolio

Most high net worth investors are constantly inundated with "private deal flow".

Our principals have experienced the following themselves:

  • ◉ Issuers offering private placement memorandum (PPM) or incomplete opportunities with price structures and terms most favorable to the issuer.
  • ◉ No oversight or investor representation available.

This is where Littlebanc comes in:

  • ◉ We eliminate the major pain points to investing in specific deals
  • ◉ We invest our own money.
  • ◉ We select, structure, negotiate, and monitor the investment every step of the way.
  • ◉ We provide ongoing management which can increase the chance of a successful exit.

Littlebanc Merchant Provides
Accredited Investors

Deal Flow

Littlebanc has developed an excellent reputation that gives our team access to an ever-growing, institutional-quality deal funnel. Making investments of $3mm-$20mm, we fill an underserved gap between the venture capital and private equity industries, enabling us to select only the best companies.

Equity Growth

Leveraging our management's background in finance, operations, equity research, and institutional investing, Littlebanc has the knowledge and resources to conduct extensive due diligence on each of its client companies.


Investors benefit from pooling of investor capital and the structure and protections that Littlebanc as a single institutional investor can obtain.