Finding a Long-Term Partner. Our Families Investing with Your Family

Littlebanc is family owned and funded. The "Littlebanc family", comprised of our own capital and the family capital of a select group of limited partners, are the source of funds.

We don't use institutional capital. This allows us more flexibility in price, terms and structure as well as continuity with the investment team.

We seek partnerships with entrepreneurs in which:

  • ◉ We believe that the capital provided can accomplish the primary goal of the investment.
  • ◉ Goals and expectations are clearly delineated and defined.
  • ◉ The business plan and use of capital are agreed upon and clear.
  • ◉ Both parties view the investment as one would a marriage, with a spirit of mutual respect, admiration and trust.

Littlebanc Provides Entrepreneurs

Capital Backed

Littlebanc conducts extensive due diligence to discover the core strengths of a business. This institutional-level approach ensures we find companies positioned to best benefit from Littlebanc's network, leadership, and access to capital.


Our portfolio companies have been selected from a wide network of CEOs, private equity professionals, and industry experts.

We often draw on that network to help grow our portfolio companies.


Our extensive background allows us to focus on company strategy, operations, and use of capital.

This has proven successful to help entrepreneurs and their companies to realize their full potential.