About Us

About Us

We are a bespoke private equity firm.

We source and structure our own investments.

We don’t use institutional capital.

We were originally conceived to deploy the personal capital of the founding member and a select group of limited partners. This allows us more flexibility in our approach.

Our limited partners are predominantly seasoned finance professionals.

They are owners and operators of some of the larger hedge funds and PE funds. Collectively we are investing our own personal money. We have real “skin in the game.”

Our limited partners find our model appealing for the following reasons:

  • ◉ Each deal is a separate investment.
  • ◉ Our principals lead every deal with their own capital.
  • ◉ Limited partners can pick and choose which investments they want to invest in.
  • ◉ Limited partners can "size" their capital any way they like.
  • ◉ In the past, our limited partners have added significant value by virtue of their own network and experience.