Littlebanc's experienced team of professionals come from a wide range of industries and offer a diverse skill set. We leverage our past experience and industry contacts to help entrepreneurs and their companies to realize their full potential.

Michael Margolies

Michael Margolies

Chief Executive Officer

With more than 25 years' capital market experience, Mr. Michael Margolies is a respected investment industry veteran. In his early career, he was a limited partner at Oppenheimer and Co. In 1995, Mr.Margolies founded Avalon Research Group, Inc., a top-rated independent equity research firm with more than 100 hedge fund and mutual fund clients. He served as founder and CEO of Avalon until 2004 when he sold the company.

Mr. Margolies founded Littlebanc in 2010 and is his current investment platform. Littlebanc is a private equity and merchant banking platform formed to invest family capital. Littlebanc uses no institutional money. They invest their own money and funds from a few other family offices. Selectively, the agency side of the house entertains two or three assignments per year. Littlebanc has sourced structured and financed many successful investments.

Mike Eschrich

Deliberate Creator and Improvement Officer

Michael Eschrich is a tech industry and supply chain veteran. He has more than a decade worth of experience at Apple (AAPL), where he served in upper management at Apple Park in Cupertino and around the world. He built teams in Shanghai, lead the financial arm of the supply chain for all display components ($50B+ and AAPL's largest commodity grouping), was selected to lead multiple black projects internationally (Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan), and prepared commodity guidance statements for Tim Cook (CEO) and Luca Maestri (CFO).

He is an expert on internal corporate structures, operations, and building/managing exceptional teams. With degrees in Accounting, Finance, and a Masters in Business Administration, he has applied his knowledge to entrepreneurship resulting in a multiple million dollar valuation in the first year.