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Established in 2007, Adams Arms is a fast-growing manufacturer of proprietary firearm products that solve common issues associated with the millions of AR-15/M16 rifles used by the military, law enforcement and civilian gun enthusiasts. Adams Arms has developed a suite of products based on its patented inverted piston operating technology, including a line of Gas Piston Retrofit Kits, which provide significant rifle enhancements in terms of reliability, accuracy, maintenance and longevity. The company sells its products through a broad network of distributors, dealers and e-tailers, as well as on

Adams Arms Investment Date:

July 10, 2012

Type of Investment

Equity Financing

Board Representation

1 Board Seat

Funding Need

◉ Capital needed to fill inventory backlog

Investment Overview

◉ Technology validated: Patented revolutionary rifle design offers significant advantages compared to standard direct impingement systems.

◉ Strong market demand established: widespread positive reviews in leading industry press, as well as growing backlog of orders and OEM/licensing contracts.

Investment Highlights

◉ Large market opportunity

◉ Adams Arms' superior technology addresses both upgrade market of existing AR-15/M16/M4s as well as demand for new rifles and rifle accessories

◉ Technology potentially can also apply to other firearm platforms

◉ Revenue growth fueled by "perfect storm" of demand drivers

◉ Draw of superior technology due to compelling benefits, including reliability, flexibility, performance, and safety

◉ General increase in consumer demand for firearms due to economic uncertainty and potential regulatory changes

◉ Favorable valuation

◉ Clear path to exit

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