NightShares Launches Two Tools to Highlight the Power and Impact of the “Night Effect”

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August 3, 2022
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NightShares Launches Two Tools to Highlight the Power and Impact of the “Night Effect”
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Corte Madera, CA., (August 3, 2022) – Building on the recent launch of their first two ETFs,NightShares has made two new tools available that allow users to explore and understand theNight Effect, a persistent phenomenon whereby overnight markets have historicallyoutperformed the daytime trading session on a risk-adjusted basis.

NightVision, launching today, is an interactive tool that allows users to look at this effect over a variety of equity exposures and time frames. Users can select from three different exposures and drill down into various risk and return metrics over a customizable time period. While many know that overnight and daytime sessions do not behave similarly, these tools provide users deeper insight into historical performance by market session from both a risk and return perspective.

NightVision compliments NightWatch which has been on the website since late July andprovides a real time look at the Night Effect. This unique tool parses the return since the priorday’s close into the overnight and daytime components as markets respond to investor sentiment.

“We are excited to make these tools available on the NightShares website as we believe theyhelp demonstrate the value of focusing on the Night Effect”, said Bruce Lavine, CEO ofNightShares. “Investors are constantly looking to improve their ability to manage risk and returnand we believe these tools will help them think about not just what type of exposure they want tohold, but also when they want to hold it.”

Additional information on NightShares, the Night Effect, and these funds can be found at

About NightShares

NightShares is an asset manager established by ETF veterans to capture the Night Effect, a well demonstrated phenomenon in the capital markets. The firm’s mission is to deliver compelling insights to investors in easily investable products. For more information, visit

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