Littlebanc Announces Follow-On Investment in Adams Arms

May 13, 2016
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Littlebanc Announces Follow-On Investment in Adams Arms
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DELRAY BEACH, FL  -- (Marketwired) -- 05/13/16 -- Littlebanc Advisors, LLC ("Littlebanc") is pleased to announce a second investment in Adams Arms, LLC ("Adams") through an affiliate. Adams Arms is a leading manufacturer of parts, retrofit kits and rifles for the AR-15/M-16 platform as well as specialty components for the Glock pistol platform. For more information on the investment you can view the company's press release here.

About Adams Arms

Adams Arms, Inc. ("Adams" or the "Company"), based in Odessa, Fla., manufactures proprietary firearm products based on the Company's patented gas piston impingement system for AR-15/M-16 style rifles. The Company's revolutionary inverted gas piston system provides significant enhancements in terms of a rifle's reliability, accuracy, maintenance, and longevity. Adams' product portfolio includes completed rifles, barrels, receivers, full uppers, retrofit kits, and accessories for multiple calibers of rifles, as well as aftermarket slides and barrels for the Glock family of pistols. The Company sells its products via its website, as well as via distributors, dealers, and OEM partners. For more information, visit

For a full case study regarding Littlebanc's investment in Adams Arms click here.

About Littlebanc

Littlebanc is a private equity firm that invests in small, high-quality businesses in old-world, simple, and enduring industries. Littlebanc invests the firm's own capital along with capital from select Limited Partners ("LPs") and takes an active approach with its portfolio companies to assist them in realizing their potential. Littlebanc's LPs are predominantly seasoned finance professionals that are drawn to the firm due to their ability to select only the investments that they want to participate in, position size each investment, and the collective expertise of the broader LP base which can add considerable value to each portfolio company.

For more information, visit If you're interested in working with Littlebanc as an accredited investor or entrepreneur, please contact us at the number provided below to speak with one of our Managing Directors or email us at

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Released May 13, 2016

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