Adams Arms Donates Sniper Rifles and Ammunition to Ukraine, with 6 American Firearm Industry Partners

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Adams Arms, LLC
March 5, 2022
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Adams Arms Donates Sniper Rifles and Ammunition to Ukraine, with 6 American Firearm Industry Partners
Adams Arms, LLC
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Ukraine Ministry of Defence requests help from Florida-based firearms manufacturer Adams Arms, in conjunction with its industry partners, who will donate 10 high-tech-enabled, semi-automatic sniper rifles and ammunition

BROOKSVILLE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Longtime leaders in US firearms, Adam Arms, are donating Sniper Rifles and Ammunition to Ukraine, in conjunction with six other firearms manufacturers. The gun manufacturers will donate 10 state-of-the-art, semi-automatic sniper rifle systems (built on Adams Arms 21st-century piston platform) along with ammunition, to be delivered to the Ukraine Ministry of Defence. (The rifles, optics and ammunition are valued at more than $80,000.)

-- The rifles will be assembled at and shipped from Adams Arms at their Brooksville, FL, plant on May 5th, 2022.

The six manufacturers working with Adams Arms contributing parts for the rifles are:

1. Leupold & Stevens, a Beaverton, OR, manufacturer who is supplying the scopes/optics and mounts.

“We have a strong belief in freedom and self-determination and are honored to contribute further to Ukraine and its determination to defend their ground,” says Bruce Pettet, CEO of Leupold & Stevens, a world leader in sporting optics.

2. PROOF Research, a Columbia Falls, MT, manufacturer who is donating the barrels.

“We are dedicated to freedom and are proud to be able to contribute to its defense in Ukraine,” says Kelly Streiff, VP Sales & Marketing, PROOF Research, a leader in application of composite technologies.

3. Rise Armament, from Broken Arrow, OK, is taking care of the triggers.

4. Radian Weapons, out of Redmond, OR, has supplied the charging handles/safety selectors.

5. Luth AR, a Buffalo, MN, manufacturer is supplying the buttstocks.

“We strongly believe in the right of individuals to fight for freedom against tyranny,” adds Randy Luth, founder and CEO of Luth-AR and founder of DPMS/Panther Arms, an innovator in rifle accessories.

6. Hornady® Manufacturing, out of Grand Island, NE, will take care of the ammunition.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine is an attack on national sovereignty and individual freedom and liberty that must be stopped. We are proud to partner with our industry partners to provide much needed assistance to the Ukrainian people in their fight against tyranny,” says Hornady Manufacturing VP Jason Hornady.

Adams Arms President Jason East adds, “It goes beyond altruism or corporate responsibility. As Americans, we cannot allow the kind of aggression Russia has brought forth in Ukraine. What’s that old saying? The only thing evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Well, we are doing something.”

Adams Arms has already delivered approximately 1,000 piston-driven, semi-automatic AR-15 style rifles to Ukraine for civilian use and are planning to reach a total of 2,500.

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In a changing nation where the fastest growing markets of first-time gun owners are millennials, women and people of color, the old public impression of gun owners has faded. Skill proficiency, adventure and empowerment are spearheading the sharp demand for firearms and ammunition, while personal and home defense continues to be a driving force. Adams Arms, headquartered in Brooksville, Florida, is the face of reliable, clean, and cooler AR15 firearms operation with its patented piston drive action—favorites of gun enthusiasts across the country. Known for their years of parts experience and their engineering and design prowess, their Retro-Fit system can be installed by owners or piston-action arms can be purchased new. Adams Arms’ proprietary PVD and Melonite® process and their lifetime warranty make their lineup of products dependable for years to come. Visit

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