Littlebanc assists Ipsidy to raise $3.1 million in growth capital

June 24, 2019
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Littlebanc assists Ipsidy to raise $3.1 million in growth capital
Littlebanc assists Ipsidy to raise $3.1 million in growth capital

Littlebanc Advisors, LLC ("Littlebanc"), securities offered through Wilmington Capital Securities, LLC ("Wilmington"), a member of FINRA/SIPC, is pleased to announce the successful closing of a $3.1 million capital raise for Ipsidy, Inc. ("Ipsidy").  Littlebanc acted as advisor and investment banker for the transaction. Links to the company's press release and Form 8-K can be found below:

Ipsidy Announces Common Equity Fund-raising of Approximately $3.1 million

Form 8-K

About Ipsidy, Inc.

Ipsidy Inc. (IDTY) operates an Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform that delivers a suite of secure, mobile, biometric identity solutions, available to any vertical, anywhere. In a world that is increasingly digital and mobile, our mission is to help our customers know with biometric certainty the identity of the people with whom they are engaging. We provide solutions to everyday problems: Who is applying for a loan? Who is accessing the computer system? Who is at the door? Identity creates trusted transactions. Ipsidy's solutions embed authenticated identity and event details with a digital signature and participants use their own mobile device to approve everyday transactions. Our platform delivers identity solutions that work great on their own but even better together.

About Littlebanc

Littlebanc is a private equity firm that invests in small, high-quality businesses in old-world, simple, and enduring industries.  Littlebanc invests the firm's own capital along with capital from select Limited Partners.  

In select cases Littlebanc will leverage their experience to act as agent, assisting with capital raising and more classic M&A assignments.  Littlebanc is widely acknowledged as a smart choice for small companies seeking capital markets assistance.

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