The Premier Group

Established in 2013, The Premier Group acquires and operates funeral homes and related businesses, primarily in tier 2 and tier 3 markets in the U.S. The company's strategy is focused on finding market-leading, family-owned, death-care businesses. These businesses have a strong local presence and can significantly benefit from the expertise and scale of the Premier platform.

Investment Date: November 13, 2013; September 24, 2015
Type of Investment: Equity Financing
Board Representation: 2 Board Seats

Funding Need:

  • Funds used to acquire and operate funeral home and related businesses.

Investment Highlights:

  • Management has demonstrated success in improving operations, yielding forward multiples on acquired homes of ~3x EBITDA.
  • Unit economics are strong on a deal-by-deal basis as the businesses generate significant cash flow and up-front equity requirements are low.
  • Strong industry tailwinds driven by aging population.
  • High collateral value of underlying assets.

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