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Carbin Minerals Is Now “Arca” - a New Identity and Bold Mission to Restore the Earth’s Atmosphere

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Today, Carbin Minerals has unveiled a new brand identity and name - “Arca”. The update reflects the evolution of the company from its academic roots at the University of British Columbia to becoming the market leader in carbon mineralization. Arca is working to stop - and reverse - climate change by capturing carbon dioxide from the air and transforming it into rock. Arca is already collaborating with 11 mining companies and pre-sold over CDN$1M worth of carbon dioxide removal credits.

Arca’s technology accelerates a natural geochemical process called carbon mineralization, the transformation of atmospheric CO2 into stable carbonate materials. Carbon mineralization in ultramafic rocks represents a multi-gigatonne opportunity for large scale permanent carbon dioxide removal. In Latin, “arca” is a chest for safe and secure storage. The company’s mission is to restore the atmosphere by capturing and permanently locking away excess carbon dioxide from the air.

Arca partners with producers of critical metals - the mining companies delivering the minerals essential for the clean energy transition. Arca helps these companies transform their mine waste into industrial-scale direct air capture and storage facilities.

“After decades of fundamental scientific research, in the lab and in the field, we have discovered new ways to transform mine waste into a massive carbon sink,” said Prof. Greg Dipple, co-founder and Head of Science at Arca. “Our mineral activation technology significantly accelerates the natural process of carbon mineralization, transforming mine waste into a valuable new resource and climate solution.”

"The clean energy transition presents a challenge and a paradox. On the one hand, the world will need 10-20 times more nickel and other critical metals to successfully transition to clean energy. On the other hand, modern mining processes are carbon intensive," said Paul Needham, CEO of Arca. "We resolve that paradox by providing a pathway to carbon-negative mining."

Arca works with mining companies that are committed to the decarbonization of their operations. Engagements start with detailed asset portfolio reviews and progresses to material characterization and lab and field experiments to assess and quantify the carbon mineralization potential of mine waste. Then, Arca deploys its technologies on site to measure and maximize carbon mineralization, helping its partners produce carbon negative critical metals for the clean energy transition.

Arca’s technology has been recognized with a USD$1M XPRIZE Award for Carbon Removal, a Foresight50 award, and an SDTC Seed Fund grant. Arca has already pre-sold hundreds of tonnes of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) credits to Shopify and Frontier.

About Arca
Arca is the leader in carbon mineralization. The company is working to stop - and reverse - climate change by capturing carbon dioxide from the air and transforming it into rock. Co-founded by Professor Greg Dipple and other geoscientists from the University of British Columbia, Arca has developed technologies that accelerate a natural geochemical process called carbon mineralization. Arca works with producers of critical metals to decarbonize their mining operations and scale production of carbon-negative metals and minerals for the clean energy transition. For further information, please visit:

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