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SkyShop Announces Florida Sales Tax Free Zone for International Shoppers

MIAMI, May 3, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SkyShop Logistics, Inc. (OTCBB:SKPN), trading as PuntoMio and GlobalShop, announces creation of a Florida Sales/Use Tax Free Zone for internet purchases made on-line by foreign consumers and exported by SkyShop. The Florida Department of Revenue has established a zero percent tax rate for purchases shipped to SkyShop's Miami Airport parcel processing facility, thus creating a Sales/Use Tax Free Zone. Consumers shopping through SkyShop's various portals will not be required to pay the 7% Florida State and Miami Dade County Sales/Use tax. Most of the nation's largest sales tax table providers to internet merchants will circulate the Tax Free Zone change effective May 1, 2011.

SkyShop Logistics offers international internet shoppers:

  A US address for international clients to ship their online purchases from US merchants
  Online applications and solutions to facilitate shopping for clients
  Economical shipping with total online tracking visibility
  International Credit card processing
  Purchases not subject to 7% Florida Sales/Use Tax

For Online US merchants SkyShop provides the following benefits:

  Ability to sell to foreign buyers without the inherent shipping and credit card risks
  Landed cost for client's on-line purchases (product cost, shipping, customs duties and taxes)
  Avoid customer product abandonment at destination resulting from unknown duties/taxes
  Reliable low cost international delivery with shipment tracking
  New upscale foreign customers with high purchasing power
  Sales/use tax savings pass along making the merchant's product less expensive

About SkyShop Logistics - USA Shopping Facilitator

SkyShop markets to non US residents under agreements with major world banks and credit card companies among them American Express, HSBC, Citibank, Santander, Itau in Brazil, Banamex in Mexico and Scotia Bank in Peru. These marketing agreements offer the bank's credit/debit card members shopping portals, under the bank's brand, that facilitate their purchases at US merchant sites. SkyShop's services are marketed under the GlobalShop, PuntoMio and GlobeBox brands in Latin America, Europe and Middle East. Clients use the SkyShop Tax Free Zone Address as their US shipping address. Upon receipt at SkyShop's Miami Airport hub, the goods are inspected, repacked and documented for shipping to the buyer's home country. Upon arrival at destination, SkyShop arranges customs clearance, pays applicable foreign duties and taxes and delivers to the consumer's home.

Forward Looking Statements

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CONTACT: Mary Rodriguez
Source: SkyShop Logistics